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Atalanta Locator - Jaroslav Meduna, OK1DUO e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

  What's new in the version 12.16
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TAClog - Bo Hansen, OZ2M e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

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VHFCTEST - Robert Vilhar, S53WW e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

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VUSC - Ladislav Valenta, OK1DIX e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

  Main features:
  What's new in the version 4.05:   Početak strane

NETlog - Ondrej Kolonicny, OK1CDJ e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

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VHF contest login system - Mike Goodey, G0GJV e-mail

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LOGGER, VHF/UHF contest program - Ulf Larsson, SM0LCB e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

  What's new in the version 1.18:
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IARU VHF CONTEST v 5.45 - Tadeusz Miczka, LA0FX/SP9CSO e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

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Fastlog - Alberto Guerra, I0XGR e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

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Contest Assist - Gianfranco Callino, IK3SCA e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

CONTEST Assist is a VHF & Up Contest management program for Radio-Amateurs.

Main features:

- Insert the data of the QSO.
- Calculate the QRB.
- Create the log sheet with the final score.
- Create the summary sheet
- Display the QSO with the maps.
- Get geographical information.
- Maintain the station Log Book.
- Export the Log in ASCII format, XML, REG1TEST and other formats

Minimum system requirements
- PC with 386 processor (486 or high  recommended)
- 4Mb ram (8Mb recommended)
- 10Mb Hard disk
- Windows 3.1 or Windows95/98/Me or WindowsNT/2000/XP
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WinOnContest - Jacques Verleijen, ON4AVJ e-mail [Change (at) -> @]

I’m working on a program to log all major Belgian contests and also the
European VHF contests.At this moment following contests are available:
 - All VHF contests (50MHZ an up)
 - UBA DX contest (ON and DX entry's)
 - Spring Contest
 - ON contest

This program is written for Windows 32 bit platforms. It is been developed
and tested on a Windows 2000 machine. It is also being used on other windows
OS (Win98, Win ME an XP)
To use this program you need to have the drivers for MS-Access 2000 database.
If you don’t have it you can find this drivers on the internet. If you don’t
find it, just send me a mail….

This software is being distributed as freeware. The only thing to do is to