Soko G-2 Galeb Soko SA341H Gazelle / Gama Soko G-4 Super Galeb
Ayres Let 410 UVP-E Boeing 737-300 Utva 75 and Utva 66


Salinger Igor, a photographer and journalist based IN South-East Europe, provides photography and writing to printed and electronic media, businesses, organizations and individuals worldwide. Since 1994, Salingerís photographs and words have been appearing in leading aviation and general interest magazines and publications as well as ON airline and flying club calendars and web sites. Long reference list includes Flight International AND, Air & Space Smithsonian, Aircraft Illustrated, Air Inernational, Air Forces Monthly, Airliner World, Air World International, Todays Pilot, Airways, New Review, Vojska, Odbrana, BBC, Action Press, Zuma press, Northfoto , Vreme, Radio Televizija Srbije, Black+White, Destinations, Travel Magazine, Trade Air, Sunadria, Pelikan Blue Line, BAe Systems, Aero klub Galeb and Jat Airways. Covering also subjects non-related to aviation, Salinger is accredited foreign correspondent of leading German photo agency Action Press in Croatia and Serbia. Some of his PHOTOGRAPHS CAN BE FOUND ALSO ON THE FILES OF Zuma Press in Laguna Beach for Americas and Northfoto in Budapest for Central European clients




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