VALVA Award

A group of Valjevo radio amateurs, on the occassion of the latest archaelogical discoveries testifying to the origin and creation period of their town in as far back as the 6th century, and for the purpose of promoting establishment of radio contacts with radio amateurs of the town of Valjevo, issues the VALVA Award. This award can be granted to every licenced radio amateur , provided that the following requirements have been fulfilled:
Contacts with 16 different stations should be made in such a way that the first letters in their call sign suffixes result in the following phrase: VALJEVO MOUNTAINS, as well as contacts with two stations operated from the following locators: JN94UE, JN94UD, JN94WD, JN94XC. Two stations with the first letter V in their suffixes must be some of the stated stations: YT1V, YZ1VAZ, YU1VA, YT1VP, YZ1VRM. If some of the stated stations are operated from the requested locators, the contacts are recognized on both counts.
The award applies to VHF (2m) and HF(6m), all kinds of operating modes are allowed, and contacts made in competitions are recognized. Cross-mode and cross-band contacts are not recognized, nor are those made through repeators and other translators. Valid are contacts after September 1, 2002.
The Award fee amounts to 6 EURO/6 USD for foreign stations.
The application stating the requested information (call sign, contact date, UTC , operating mode, LOC), verified by two licenced radio amateurs should be sent to the following address: Zoran Milašinović, YZ1VAZ, Bobovčeva 3/2 14000 Valjevo, Serbia

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