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Knowledge of internet technologies is not the only thing it takes to develop a successful online presence. Zenjok extends itself to clients to learn about your needs so we can discover your goals and ideals. Zenjok itself is meant to represent this dedication as it refers to a state of being where subject and object, I and you are one.

Media and Design> Knowing how to make a design look good is as important as knowing how to make it work. Functionality is impossible without innovative and professional expression. We specialize in the integration of your ideas and goals into an intuitive structure that your clients will be able to navigate with ease.

Dynamic Development> Dynamic content is the new powerhouse. The static web pages of yesterday have given way to web applications that are fluid and manageable. We can take you to the next level by putting the power in your hands. Upload your own images, change your own text or add new products to your inventory without having to go through a middleman. These are the tools that will give you the freedom to build and grow in your own time, not to mention save you a good deal of money in the mean time.

We offer custom written integrated content management systems, PHP/MySQL-backed database applications, forums, managed FAQ systems and other methods for customer feedback, web based interfaces to your own custom databases, document and file management and retrieval, full-featured web based groupware applications including contact management, webmail, project management, password management, file upload and group calendar functionality.

Hosting Technologies is reliable and multifaceted in its potential. We own and maintain our own servers in reliable, high-speed data centers. Our network is fully meshed and redundant with backbone providers. By controlling the technologies we use rather than going through a third party, we can pass on the greater value and more power to our clients.

Consulting> If you arent sure where youre going, but you know its time to take a step forward, were ready to listen. We want your input so that we can show you the road to the future. Our consulting services will give you the edge you need to make the right decisions for your enterprise.

Tools> We're on the cutting edge, so we use the most powerful tools of the trade to make sure that you have our best work. These tools are used by professionals worldwide and are what make us part of your leap forward. Just a few of the tools we use are the following.
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