Queue List
Version 1.2.1
- MediaMonkey Add-on -

by Zvezdan Dimitrijević

This add-on works with MediaMonkey v2.x-4.x (MM or higher is recommended). It works similarly as Queue option of Winamp, i.e. it allows creating of the list with tracks that would be played immediately after the currently playing track, not matter if Shuffle is turned on or off. The list of tracks is a simple playlist (Queue List) under the Playlists branch, which enables easy manipulation of its tracks (move up/down, remove) as with any other playlist. When the track from this queue list starts playback, it is automatically removed from that list. After all tracks from the queue list finish playback, the program continues with the reproduction of the remaining tracks from the Now Playing panel.

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This add-on is donationware. I am its sole developer and I worked on it in my own free time. I am not employed by Ventis Media, the company behind MediaMonkey, nor have I been paid by them for my efforts. If you find my add-on useful and want to help its further development, it would be nice if you could send a small donation using PayPal. You could donate as much as you think that is appropriate, any amount would be really appreciated.

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This add-on doesn't work with MediaMonkey v5! No add-on made for a previous version of the program will work with MM5, either by me or any other author, since MM5 has completely different programming interface than before. Which means that all MM4 add-ons have to be rewritten for MM5 from scratch.

If you really like my add-on and think that it is essential for your work with the program, you should stay with MM4. Or you could wait for me to port the add-on to MM5, but my interest for that depends only on donations.

What is new

v1.2.1 - 2015-06-22

v1.2 - 2012-02-06

v1.1.1 - 2011-01-30

v1.1 - 2011-01-22

v1.0.1 - 2010-07-26

v1.0 - 2010-05-13



If you press "F3" hot-key on the keyboard or if you choose Play | Queue Selected from the main menu, or Queue Selected from the context menu, all selected tracks would be placed in the Queue List and Now Playing panel (if they are missing there). After the program finish with the reproduction of the currently playing track, it will automatically start playback of tracks from the Queue List.

If you press "F4" hot-key you would get displayed Queue List playlist; if you press that hot-key again you would go back to the previous view.

You could specify the Queue playlist in the [QueueList] section of the MediMonkey.ini file using the QueuePlaylist key, e.g. QueuePlaylist = My Queue. If the mentioned section is missing, the default Queue playlist is "Queue List" as a child of the Playlists node, but it could be even some nested one if you specify the full path to it using "\" as a level separator, e.g. Scripts\My Queue. However, it is enough to specify just the playlist name without its full path if that name is unique.

The hot-keys could be specified in the [QueueList] section of the MediMonkey.ini file as well using QueueSelectedHotkey and ShowQueueListHotkey keys (defaults are F3 and F4). Modifications of the .ini file should be done while the program is closed.