Tree Report for Child Nodes
Version 1.1.1
- MediaMonkey Add-on -

by Zvezdan Dimitrijević

This add-on works with MediaMonkey v2.x-4.x. It displays a report with the tree view similar to Music Explorer Tree panel, but only for child nodes of a selected node. Such report could be printed or saved as a .html file and loaded in some Web browser. If you want to send such report to someone, you should include TreeReport folder beside of the saved .html file. A selected node could be anyone, even some Magic node. In fact, it is especially useful with Magic Nodes add-on because with it you could get any kind of statistics data, even those not covered with the Statistics Report, e.g. 20 Recently played Albums or Artists that never played. You are not limited only with nodes on the first level, but the total number of nodes should not be too large because it could introduce slow execution.

For a discussion about this add-on, you could visit its related MediaMonkey forum thread. If you are using some skin which is not supported by default, you could take a look of skin styles for this add-on made by nynaevelan at the next forum thread. Note: The script in this add-on is heavily based on the dTree script by Geir Landrö.

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This add-on is donationware. It is developed by me in my own free time. I am not employed by Ventis Media, the company behind MediaMonkey, nor I've been paid by them for this add-on. So, if you found any of my add-ons useful and want to help their further development, it would be nice if you send me some small donation using PayPal. You could donate as much as you think that is appropriate, any amount would be really appreciated.

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This add-on doesn't work with MediaMonkey v5! Actually, none add-on made for some previous version of program could work with MM5, either by me or by another authors, since MM5 has completely different programming interface than before. If you really like my add-on and think that it is essential for your work with the program, you have several possibilities:
- you could stay with MM4;
- you could ask MM developers to implement support for old add-ons in MM5;
- you could wait for me to port the add-on to MM5, but don't hold your breath.


What is new

v1.1.1 - 2015-06-22

v1.1 - 2010-11-04

v1.0 - 2010-11-03



This add-on is a false positive reported as a worm by F-Secure. The author of F-Secure promised me that will update its database and put the add-on on white-list, but still didn't. If you go to the site, you will see that it is safe tested by 54 popular anti-virus engines; the only one reporting a worm in it is F-Secure.