The publishing project of the Century has been accomplished - the line-engraved and bibliophilic edition of

- One of the most beautiful world manuscripts -
- The most precious heritage of the Serbian Nation -
- The oldest Serbian Cyrillic ma
nuscript -

     Eight centuries after it was penned in the last decades of the 12th century, the line-engraved edition of the MIROSLAV GOSPEL for the first time in our century emerges in full splendour and beauty from the darkness of the ages, from the treasuries and shelters where it was dedicatedly cared for and kept by many generations as the most sacred national item and relic. This oldest saved Serbian Cyrillic manuscript, considered to be one of the most beautiful manuscripts, was brought to the Hilandar Monastery on the Mount Atos probably at the time when the monastery was founded in 1198. There it stayed as the most valuable sacred book for seven centuries. From that time on, this sacred Serbian cult book underwent almost unbelievable "odyssey" through hardships, fires and lootings during World Wars I and II. Today it is kept in the National Museum Belgrade as the most valuable item of cultural and historical heritage of the Serbian nation.

     Along with the Cyrillic text, the illuminations are valued as special quality of this Gospel. The initial letters are considered to be unique for their beauty and style, as there are no direct known examples in the world. The illuminations of this manuscript, exceptional miniatures with unique Byzantine motifs of fantastic flora and fauna - they all make the MIROSLAV GOSPEL an unrepeatable pictorial and artistic masterpiece. Two publishing houses from Belgrade - "Službeni list" (Official Gazette) and "Dosije" (Dossier), after five years of strenuous research and preparation, finally succeeded in this endeavour. They are first in this century to publish the line-etched and bibliophilic edition of this Gospel that is printed in Johannesburg. Best writers, curators, technologists, conservators, restorers, printers and bookbinders were engaged in preparing and effecting this project. The unanimous opinion of experts is that this artefact is such a true copy of the original that it in itself belongs to the most successful publishing enterprises in the history not only of our nation but in the world of publishers as well.

     The MIROSLAV Gospel set is published so far in 30 copies only out of 300 copies of the entire circulation, every copy bearing a number that is written in the Chart on Property issued to every customer. The name of the customer is also written in the Chart. The set weighs 10 kilogrammes (cca. 20 pounds). It is kept in a solid box, bound with linen and with the obverse and reverse of the seal of Miroslav stamped. The box contains two size B5 leather-bound volumes -"Miroslav Gospel - Background", and "Miroslav Gospel - Comments". The first volume reveals the fascinating history and destiny of this manuscript and the second one is a catalogue of 360 coloured initial letters from the Miroslav Gospel.

     The Gospel itself is printed in the same book size as the original (41,8 x 28,4 cm), with wooden binding dressed in leather and with reproduction of protective and ornamental nails, leather plaits and metal clams, fully coloured, 360 pages. The Yugoslav Publishing House ECOLIBRI, Belgrade, Sindjelićeva 7, has been authorised as distributer and seller of the first 15 copies of the entire circulation. Each copy costs 3.850 US$ for individuals and 3.500 US$ exclusively for Ortodox churches, universities and libraries, including the price od shipping.

    For all necessary information please contact us by phone/fax +381-11-3442-975 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia or E-mail: jangelus@eunet.yu