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Here you can find the archived pages related to Janko Stamenović and Janko's Keyboard Generator for Windows 98/ME (from now on JKG) first published in 1996.

What follows are small pieces of the history, web pages which were designed and maintained in years 1995-1998. These are archived pages, hosted on the server to which I don't have the regular access.

Warning: Most of the content was not updated for more than 6 years, a lot of links can be outdated and point to nothing or something completely else.

JKG is not for sale anymore. The binaries sold as "shareware" are freeware since November 2006.

At the time of the creation of these pages, Beograd was the capital of Yugoslavia. Now it is the capital of the Republic of Serbia.

Archived content starts here.

Janko Stamenović

(The Picture of Me)

Welcome. My name is Janko Stamenovic'.

I was born and now I live in Beograd, the capital of Yugoslavia.

(The Picture of Federal Parlament Building In  Belgrade)

I received a B.S.E.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering

(The building of EE School of University of Belgrade)

Then I joined the team which develops a complex application for Windows in C++. The application is an integrated environment for C programmers. It features a programmable and configurable editor with syntax highlighting, a programmable environment which allows invoking the external applications and using of the generated reports inside the environment, a strong source analyzer which verifies sources for errors and tracks the usage of any symbol which is used in the source and versatile graphical representations of function calls and used structures. I wrote a paper about this program, and presented it at YU Info '96 conference.

(The C++ Programming Lanuage)

At XXXIX ETRAN conference, a year before, co-authoring with Dragan Milicev, I presented a paper which describes the implementation of a run-time environment for one language which adds concurrent programming aspects to the C++ language.

(The picture of Milicev)

For two years I wrote for the oldest Yugoslav computer magazine Racunari (Computers). From the begining I started a column about advanced C++ programming. For Racunari 112 (October 1995) I wrote a gift-book "Windows 95 From The Scratch". I wrote feature articles and reviews of the popular systems and applications such as Windows 95 and Delphi.

(The Oldest Yugoslav Computer Magazine)

I also wrote for Yugoslav computer magazine called Micro Computers (Mikroracunari). There I have a regular column dedicated to Windows, and also feature reviews. In the March 1997 release I reviewed Borland C++ Builder.

(Mikroracunari logo)

I also wrote Janko's Keyboard Generator for Windows 95 and 98, a shareware program which is available for download.

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