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he Cathedral Choir "St.George" has in its regular repertoire a number of Russian compositions that could be heard at services iv various churches in Novi Sad. Singing those church songs and remembering in prayer their predecessors - honest and perserving Orthodox misssionares, the young members of this choir are trying to offer to themselves and the congregation moments of tranquillity and peace of mind in this turbulent time. We sincerely hope that at least a part of these efforts will be left in the recorded material in front of you.

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The Cathedral Choir "St.George"

Bogdan Djakovic

Russian Church Music In Novi Sad


Songs marked with "Click to listen" can be heard in Real Audio format. Just click on the mark and if you have Real Audio Player installed on your computer you will hear the song. Latest version of Real Audio Player can be downloaded from

  1. Our father Click to listen
  2. In the flesh thou didst fall asleap, Photagogikon of the EasterClick to listen
    A. Glazunov (1865-1936)
  3. O, come, let us worship, Introit Click to listen
    Anonymus (17th c.)
  4. Blessed is the man, Psalm 1
    N.N. Kedrov (first half of the 20th c.)
  5. Gladsome light, the Evening Hymn Click to listen
    I.S. Dvorecky (middle of the 19th c.)
  6. Cherubic hymn, from the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrusostom
    A. Arkhangelsky (1846-1924)
  7. We shall never cease proclaming, Theotokion
    A. Astafyev (second half of the 19th c.)
  8. Let us run with fervor, Theotokion
    A. Arkhangelsky
  9. Gladsome light Click to listen
  10. Cherubic hymn
    G. Lamakin (1811-1885)
  11. The Righteous shall be in everlasting Remembrance, Communion Hymn. psalm 112. G. Lamakin
  12. All Creation Rejoices, Iromos from the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great. N. Danilin (1878-1945)
  13. He makes his angels spirits, Prokeimenon for monday, to the angels. V. Fateyev (second half of the 19th c.)
  14. Bless the Lord, O my soul, psalm 102
    P. Tchesnokov (1877-1944)
  15. We hymn Thee, op.27, no 6, from the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrusostom. P. Tchesnokov
  16. Cherubic hymn, op.42
    P. Tchesnokov
  17. God, save the Tsar, Hymn of the Russian Empire
    A. Lvov (1798-1870)