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Bullet Freddie is my dog. His real name is Alfred, but I call him Freddie (because I admire rock-band Queen and late Freddie Mercury). Freddie was born on August 15th 1993., from father Cane (golden retriever, excellent marks) and mother Bisa (black Labrador with noble origin). My Freddie has not pedigree because that kind of mixing dog breeds was not admit here; even he is totally black and he 100 percent matches with black Labrador breed of dogs. But, pedigree is not so important for me.
Bullet He is very smart - all that he knows, he learned looking at neighbor's dog-teacher when he works with neighbor's dog, or looking at us, inmates (for example: door opening, answering phone-call (?!), etc.)
Bullet Big bright news - my dog Freddie just got kids and we've decided to keep on of his sons, but we still don't know which name to give him. If you have any suggestions, please send feedback!

Black Labrador

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