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Register version 4 for only 10$!
Although version 3.x is still freeware, the next 4th version of Maximus CD Player will be shareware. The Registration for version 4.0 will be 30$, but if you register now you'll just pay only 10$!

Version 4 will have the following features:

  • Internet support (you'll be able to get information about disc from the Net);
  • Digital grabbing of tracks or part of them;
  • It will look like a real CD Player, with customizable look;
  • Support for more than one CD and for CDs for more than one drive;
  • Maximus.exe will be completely rewritten, to improve speed and memory consuming;
  • Direct control of CDs for volume and other things;
  • Maybe crossfade and other effects;
  • Anything else you could suggest.
To register just send 10$, your name and your e-mail address to:
Markovic Goran
Despotovacka 34
11060 Beograd
I don't accept cheques, so please don't send them.

If you want you can even register online using your credit card. This service is offered by ShareIt! Registration Service, so it will take 5$ more for the commission to this service provider.


Artifakt by ThanatouAnghelos, 2000