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CDPlayer.ini is easy to handle with Maximus
INI editor

Maximus shares the same file which the standard Windows CD Player uses to record the disc and track names, the playing order and so on, but Maximus adds some new features which renders CDPlayer.ini more easy to edit and more powerful. You can:
  • Add info about a disc even if it is not in the drive;
  • Edit info about any already added CD even if that is not the one you've inserted;
  • Handle CDPlayer.ini even if its size overs the 64k limit of the standard CD Player;
  • Use the clipboard more easily by using the C/P/V buttons;
  • Mark a CD as lent to keep track of which discs you lent to your friends;
  • Make searches through the records to find out the track you want;
You can even download the a big CDPlayer.ini which contains info of lots and lots of CDs just by pressing the WWW button. And if you don't want to add the entire file, you can crop the file then merge the piece into your own CDPlayer.ini by using the "Upkeep" button.

Artifakt by ThanatouAnghelos, 2000