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Metak Instead of the beginning: Well, I suppose, my HomePage does not look so marvel (like Microsoft or Netscape site), finally, that was not my intention. Particularly, it looks bad if you do not look at it "through" Microsoft Internet Explorer. I had just one goal when I was creating it - to use the most possibilities of HTML: tables, scrolling text, music background, ActiveX, styles, feedback forms and, of course - Java Script (look at the status bar and advertising system at index page).

Metak About the presentation: You can freely use any part of the Source Code you like, or any picture I created for the presentation. I used a few, too - so I am using this opportunity to say thanks to the authors. I wish also to thank Microsoft for the great browser they have created. So, you are still here - than take a look at my links. I have not put much pictures and music, so you could faster download pages of this presentation. This is it's 4th "version" and every comment and suggestion about it are welcome. 

Metak About me: Who wanna know? My name is Goran. I like computers (since I was knee-high), blues, beer, dogs (mine one is Freddie), tennis, skiing, Zlatibor, a rambling - whenever it is not illicit by Serbia police, Jack Daniel's Old No.7, English traditionality, cinematography and sense for humor (particulary "Only Fools & Horses"), three dots at the end of the sentence... I dislike brandy called "Ljuta" or "Prepecenica" (a national alcoholic liquor distilled from plums), Radio-Television of Serbia, heat, to be an average guy... I was born in my Uzice, Yugoslavia. I am student of Civil Engineering at Belgrade University, so I live now in Belgrade.

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Crta duginih boja

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Crta duginih boja

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