Janko's Keyboard Generator For Windows 95, 98 and ME

JKG Became Public Domain

Staring from 1 January 2007, Janko's Keyboard Generator For Windows 95, 98 and ME is not being sold anymore.

Please see the main JKG page for all details.

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 Janko's Keyboard Generator

for Windows 95, 98 and ME




New Features



Some Usual Keyboard Layouts

Keyboard Layout Name KBD File Name
Albanian kbdal.kbd
Belarusian kbdblr.kbd
Belgian (Comma) kbdbene.kbd
Belgian (Period) kbdbe.kbd
British kbduk.kbd
Bulgarian (Latin) kbdbll.kbd
Bulgarian kbdbul.kbd
Canadian Multilingual kbdfc.kbd
Canadian Standard kbdcan.kbd
Croatian kbdcr.kbd
Czech (Programmers) kbdcz2.kbd
Czech (Qwerty) kbdcz1.kbd
Czech kbdcz.kbd
Danish kbdda.kbd
Dutch kbdne.kbd
Estonian kbdes.kbd
Faeroe Islands kbdfo.kbd
Finnish kbdfi.kbd
French Canadian kbdca.kbd
French kbdfr.kbd
German (IBM) kbdgr1.kbd
German (Standard) kbdgr.kbd
Greek IBM 220 kbdgk220.kbd
Greek IBM 319 kbdgk319.kbd
Greek Latin IBM 220 kbdgl220.kbd
Greek Latin IBM 319 kbdgl319.kbd
Greek Latin kbdgkl.kbd
Greek kbdgk.kbd
Hungarian (101 keys) kbdhu1.kbd
Hungarian kbdhu.kbd
Icelandic kbdic.kbd
Irish kbdir.kbd
Italian 142 kbdit1.kbd
Italian kbdit.kbd
Latin American kbdla.kbd
Latvian (Latin) kbdlv1.kbd
Latvian kbdlv.kbd
Lithuanian (IBM) kbdlt.kbd
Macedonian (FYROM) kbdmac.kbd
Norwegian kbdno.kbd
Polish (Programmers) kbdpl1.kbd
Polish kbdpl.kbd
Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2) kbdbr.kbd
Portuguese (Brazilian standard) kbdusx.kbd
Portuguese (Standard) kbdpo.kbd
Romanian kbdro.kbd
Russian (Typewriter) kbdru1.kbd
Russian kbdru.kbd
Serbian (Latin) kbdycl.kbd
Serbian kbdycc.kbd
Slovak (Qwerty) kbdsl1.kbd
Slovak kbdsl.kbd
Slovenian kbdsv.kbd
Spanish Modern kbdla.kbd
Spanish Traditional kbdsp.kbd
Swedish kbdsw.kbd
Swiss French kbdsf.kbd
Swiss German kbdsg.kbd
Turkish (F type) kbdtuf.kbd
Turkish (Q type) kbdtuq.kbd
Ukrainian kbdur.kbd
United States 101 kbdus.kbd
United States-Dvorak kbddv.kbd
United States-International kbdusx.kbd
United States-LH Dvorak kbddvl.kbd
United States-RH Dvorak kbddvr.kbd


Written by Janko Stamenović