О намаО АикидоуПравославље и АикидоНајмлађи и АикидоЗаслужне особеКонтакт

Christianity and aikido

Since this page is dedicated to Orthodox Christians, it will not be translated to English. After all, most of the English speaking people aren't Orthodox. People who belong to other religious communities should build their own attitude in relation to Aikido since there are no guarantees that thoughts and conclusions formed by people of Orthodox religious denomination and located in the Balkan peninsula will be of any help. The notion that Aikido shouldn't stand in too stark a contrast to any peaceful religion, on the other hand, doesn't seem too far fetched. For the sake of illustration, a few quotes from master Ueshiba's book "The Art of Peace" will be provided:

"The penetrating brilliance of swords wielded by the followers of the Way strikes at the evil enemy lurking within their own souls and bodies."

"The Art of Peace is not easy. It is a fight to the finish, the slaying of evil desires and all falsehood within. On occasion the Voice of Peace resounds like thunder, jolting human beings out of their stupor."

"Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self- sacrifice. The spirit of self- sacrifice creates trust in the power of love."

"Be grateful even for hardship, setbacks and bad people. Dealing with such obstacles is an essential part of training in the Art of Peace."