О намаО АикидоуПравославље и АикидоНајмлађи и АикидоЗаслужне особеКонтакт


Credits for this version of Aikido Club "Sava" website go to:

  • Myself, as I bear the full responsibility for this version. Snežana Škarić and Ivan Popov provided useful advice while the previous version was under construction. I tried my best not to forget this advice . Whether I succeeded in this or not is not upon me to decide;

  • The authors of Kompozer and GIMP programs as well as the authors of numerous tutorials for these programs available on Youtube;

  • The author of www.Aikidofaq.com website, which was very usefull while gathering information for this site;

  • Bojan Segedinčev who gave me a copy of the "Art of Peace";

  • Predrag Kalajdžić and Branko Veljković for the understanding they've shown in relation to the fact that the previous version of this site didn't contain their photographs;

  • The Brotherhood of Evangelical Bicycle Riders of the Rose and the Cross.